Shihab & Associates Law Firm Gets Revamped for 2010

The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates is kicking off 2010 with a bang. We’re making changes, thinking creatively, and are launching some exciting new initiatives that will make your immigration attorneys more accessible and your case progress more interactive. Our goal for this upcoming year is to increase collaborative efforts with our clients, create more transparency in our operation, make our attorneys more accessible to our clients, and disseminate accurate and timely information to our clients. The future of legal services will require innovative solutions, more timely connection with counsel and higher sensitivities to clients needs. In a nutshell, the legal profession will have to experience a “face lift” to increase the level of service. Here are some of the things that we are going to implement in 2010 to assure that all these objectives are implemented at the start of this decade:

Implemented a Revamped Web-based Case Management System

  • Intuitive electronic client data, document collection and storage methodology
  • Virtual file creation
  • Employee management and reporting tools for maximum regulatory compliance
  • Automatic reminders for critical deadlines
  • Robust communication tools

Maximum Attorney Accessibility

  • Open call times and weekend meetings to increase our availability
  • Talk to an attorney while he’s on the treadmill or meet him personally for a cup of coffee on Saturdays
  • Daily phone appointments and weekly in-person meetings assure that an attorney is available when it is convenient for you, our client.

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Customer service is a top priority! More staff additions are planned for 2010 to make sure that you get the industry’s best service and response.