New Immigration Judges Accounced

The US Attorney General Eric Holder has appointed 23 new immigration judges to immigration courts throughout the US. The judges were sworn in by Acting Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler at the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s (EOIR) headquarters on November 5, 2010. The newly appointed judges are: Silvia R. Arellano (Florence), Jerry A. Beatmann Sr. (Oakdale), Jesse B. Christensen (New York ), Steven J. Connelly (Batavia), Philip J. Costa ( Los Angeles), V. Stuart Couch (Charlotte), Thomas G. Crossan Jr. (Pearsall), Leo A. Finston (Newark), Saul Greenstein ( Houston), Amy C. Hoogasian(San Francisco), Stuart F. Karden (Orlando), F. James Loprest Lisa Luis (Houston), Jr. (New York), Joren Lyons(San Francisco), H. Kevin Mart(Miami), Sheila McNulty(Chicago), Maureen S. O’Sullivan(Los Angeles), Daniel J. Santander (Pearsall), Alice Segal (New York), Andrea H. Sloan (Portland), Dan Trimble (Stewart), Eileen R. Trujillo (Denver), Clarence M. Wagner Jr.(Honolulu), and Virna A. Wright (New York).

The recent addition will help reduce the backlog of immigration cases throughout the US and even into Columbus, Ohio where deportation in immigration court remains at a high level.