H-1B Visa Cap Reached for Federal Fiscal Year 2011

Thumbnail image for dreamstime_17860509.jpgThe USCIS has announced on January 27, 2011 that it has received sufficient number of petitions to reach the H-1B visa cap for fiscal year 2011.
In its statement circulated by e-mail 8 p.m. on Thursday January 27, 2011, the USCIS stated that the final receipt date for inclusion in the H-1B visa cap for the current fiscal year is January 26, 2011. As an immigration lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, I have been closely monitoring the consumption of the cap subject H-1B visa petitions received and it was a remarkably linear line since April 1, 2010. Once the “Master’s Degree” cap is reached, the consumption drastically increased. We predicted the cap to be reached the end of January beginning of February and we were right on the mark.

It appears from the message which was posted late Thursday on the USCIS website that the USCIS received more petitions on January 26, 2011 than H-1B visas available hence it will employ a computer generated lottery system to select the petitions for inclusion in the H-1B visa cap.

The next opportunity to file cap subject H-1B visas is on April 1, 2011 for an employment which will begin on October 1, 2011 which Marks the beginning of the 2012 federal fiscal year.