Expedited Advanced Parole Travel Document Requests (Form I-131)

1275428_air_travel.jpgIf you have filed for a green card (I-485) and submitted a request for work authorization (I-765) and advanced parole travel document (I-131), and you must travel before your I-131 can be adjudicated in the normal processing time, you can request expedited processing of the I-131. This article addresses those expedited I-131 procedures:

You MUST Make a Request
Typically, anyone who files Form I-485 in the U.S. also files Forms I-765 and I-131 concurrently with the Form I-485. If you have found that you must travel before your Advanced Parole Travel Document Form I-131 can be adjudicated within normal processing times, you can call the USCIS National Customer Service Center (NCSC) or make an info pass appointment at your local field office. Here in Columbus, Ohio, infopass appointments are simple to make and are usually scheduled within 3-5 days.

Making the Expedited Advanced Parole Request with the USCIS Field Office
Once you make an infopass appointment at the local field office, that office will determine whether you have has your fingerprints taken at an Application Support Center (ASC). If you haven’t yet had your biometrics, the field office will schedule a walk-in appointment. The field office will then notify the office where the I-131 Travel Document/Request for Advanced Parole is pending, either the service center or the National Benefits Center (“NBC”), and request expedited handling. If the Field Office Director grants the request, he or she will inform the center that he or she has authorized expedited handling of the application and that the requisite biometrics have been captured.

Making the Expedited Advanced Parole Request Contact USCIS at 1-800-375-5283
If you contact the NCSC, the customer support representative will make a “service request” and forward the expedite request to the center having jurisdiction over the application. If the center determines that adjudication of the application should be expedited, it will determine whether you have already been to the ASC for biometric collection and, if not, schedule a walk-in appointment. You can contact both the NCSC and schedule an infopass appointment to make a request.

Expedited Request of Advanced Parole and Work Authorization
Once it has been shown that you have had your fingerprints taken, the center will determine whether or not both the application for I-131 and I-765 are ready to be adjudicated.

Both Forms I-765 and I-131 are Ripe for Adjudication
If both forms can be adjudicated without delaying the adjudication of the advance parole request, the center should adjudicate both simultaneously. If both applications are approved, the center will determine whether sufficient time remains before the applicant’s departure to prepare the advance parole EAD and mail it to the applicant. If so, the center is instructed to do as soon as possible.

If Your Departure is Emminent
If your date of departure is within 48 hours, the center is instructed to contact the local office closest to the applicant and have that local office (1) issue a single-entry Form I-512 valid only for the length of time needed for the applicant to complete the purpose of his or her trip abroad; and (2) Arrange for the applicant to pick up that Form I-512 at the local office.

After that occurs the center will adjudicate the Form I-765 in the normal course of business (e.g., without expeditious handling) and if the Form I-765 is approved, generate an advance parole EAD and mail it to the applicant. The advance parole EAD should be issued even if the applicant’s single-entry Form I-512 has not yet expired.

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