Alan Greenspan Supports Immigration of High Skilled Workers

Hand on Keyboard.jpgIn these times of economic uncertainty, it seems that many in the American public target employment based immigration as one of the many causes of high unemployment rates in the United States. However, overwhelming evidence shows that the immigration of high skilled workers through the H-1B and PERM programs actually improves the economy. Much of the unemployment problems in the United States and specifically Columbus, Ohio stem from a mismatch of skilled persons available for high tech jobs.

In a recent interview, Alan Greenspan placed his support behind supporting the immigration of persons who hold higher degrees from American colleges and Universities. In this interview, Mr. Greenspan cautioned America against artificially creating more low skill jobs to try and reduce unemployment. In Mr. Greenspan’s opinion, the true path to raising the standard of living in America is to open the workforce to more skilled workers.

A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch illustrates the point that many high skilled jobs go unfilled because of a lack of persons possessing skills to fill those jobs. As more non-tech businesses integrate technology into their business models, the demand for highly skilled workers is only going to increase. This demand is also expected to be compounded by the move of American employers to the international based financial reporting standards. Clearly there is a demand for skilled workers in Columbus, Ohio as well as the United States as a whole.

One way to meet this demand is to allow more high skilled immigrants to obtain temporary and permanent employment through the H-1B and PERM programs. Allowing more of these jobs to be filled will produce more tax revenue as well as add more consumers to the United States market. Some of the greatest economic minds as well as the raw evidence support the notion that immigration of high skilled workers helps rather than hurts the American economy.