Visa Bulletin Shows Huge EB-2 Jump

US Immigration emblem.jpgThe Department of State has issued its Visa Bulletin for December 2011. The new bulletin shows a five month jump in the priority date cutoff in the EB-2 category for foreign nationals born in India and China. Persons in this category with a priority date of March 15, 2008 or earlier are now eligible for immigrant visas. Because of the five month jump, some people in the EB-2 category are now current who may not have been expecting it. Others may be unaware completely. Persons with pending or approved I-140s in the EB-2 category should double check their priority dates and contact the Law Firm of Shihab and Associates with any questions about their current eligibility for lawful permanent residency.

Unfortunately, the EB-3 category for China and India born foreign nationals only advanced one month from the current priority dates in the November 2011 Visa Bulletin. The EB-3 category remains stagnant, with the backlog for Indian born persons now over nine years. Some people with labor certifications qualifying them for EB-3 classification may now have the requisite years of experience or an advanced degree allowing them to now pursue an EB-2 classification. Persons interested a possible “EB-2 upgrade” should contact the Law Firm of Shihab and Associates for a consultation to see if they qualify.