January 2011 Visa Bulletin Takes a Giant Leap Forward

Jump.jpgThe Department of State Visa Bulletin took a giant leap today, advancing nine (9) months for the EB-2 preference category for persons from India and China. As it stands now, people from India and China who have a priority date of January 2009 or sooner will be able to file for their adjustment of status. This is great news for those who have been waiting with approved I-140 documents in the EB-2 preference category.

For all of the advancement in the EB-2 category, there was relatively little advancement in the EB-2 categories. If this trend continues, thousands of more EB-2 beneficiaries could be eligible to adjust in the coming months. Persons holding approved I-140 documents in the EB-3 categories may want to consider taking action to obtain a labor certification under the EB-2 preference category to take advantage of these developments.

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