Deferred Action for DREAMers: A Checklist for Your Application

1280927_ticked_checkbox.jpgThe Deferred Action for DREAMers program is expected to become available on August 15. The Program promises to grant relief from removal to certain undocumented immigrants and provide work authorization. It is anticipated that 1.4 million people may be eligible to apply. There are several things you can do to speed up your application and also improve your chances of having it granted.

Avoid notarios and non-lawyers

Although the USCIS has not released information about the application process, notarios and other non-lawyers have been promising that they can already file an application now. Some notarios have even promised that they can get applicants a visa, green card, or other legal immigration status. The truth is that the DREAMer program provides relief from removal and work authorization, not a green card or other valid status. Click here to see more

Speak to a lawyer

Falling into even one pitfall can result in your application being rejected or denied. The USCIS could take adversarial action against you if you file an incomplete application showing you are not qualified or failed to correctly address certain issues you may have. A non-attorney may not be adequately proficient to understand the legal consequences of certain actions or inactions by the client, but a skilled lawyer can.

Gather documents

Putting together a folder of documents as soon as possible is important so that you can make your application timely. These may include complete school records, medical records, financial records, employment records, tax returns, military records, birth certificate, passport, consular ID card, school ID, any other photo ID, as well as any other relevant documentation.

Do a criminal background check on yourself

Obtain a record check from the Sheriff’s office or criminal court showing your arrest record or lack thereof. Also obtain all certified court documents showing any criminal charges, convictions, dismissals, plea agreements, and sentencing if applicable.

Register with the Selective Service

For all males between the age of 18 and 25, it is required to register with the Selective Service System, despite your immigration status. Click here to register