What’s to Come: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Predictions for Immigrant Visa Processing Times for 2014

In 2013, we saw some interesting changes in processing times, from rapid progressions in some visa categories to retrogression in others. Using the latest Visa Bulletin for January 2014 along with the predictions made by Charles Oppenheim of the Visa Office, our team has come up with some of our own predictions for processing times for the upcoming year. Here is a highlight of the Visa Bulletin predictions for 2014:

The Good

  • It is possible that the cut-off dates for India EB-2 visas will return to pre-retrogression dates (circa December 2008) in August or September of 2014.
    • It is likely that the processing times for EB-3 visas for Mexico, China and the rest of the world will continue to progress at a healthy rate in 2014. However, be wary as there may be a greater than expected demand in these areas, causing stagnation or even retrogression.

    The Bad

    • The processing time for all India EB visas will remain stagnant through the beginning of 2014.
    • It is very likely that a cut-off date for China EB-5 visas will be introduced in 2014.
    • A cut-off date for EB-5 visas for the rest of the world may also be imposed in 2014.
    • The processing time for China EB-2 visas will continue to move very slowly.

    The Ugly

    • The cut-off date for EB-3 visas worldwide may retrogress in 2014.
    • There may be retrogression of the cut-off date for the Mexico F-2A visa category in 2014.

    While these forecasts are intended to help you plan for the upcoming year, please keep in mind that these are only predictions and are subject to change.