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Universities and Colleges Can Get Faster and Easier PERM Processing With “Special Handling”

University and college teachers and professors may have access to an easier and faster path to PERM labor certification by taking advantage of a unique process known as special handling, which provides for a special selection and recruitment process that is unique to university and college teachers. Although teachers and…


BALCA Says PERM Recruitment Must Disclose All Travel Requirements

One major purpose of the regulations that control the PERM recruitment process is to prevent potential US job applicants from being misled about the actual job requirements and discouraging them from applying for the job. According to federal regulation, PERM recruiting advertisements cannot have job requirements or duties that exceed…


Court Upholds PERM Certification Despite CO Denial Citing Recruitment Violation

An application for permanent labor certification (PERM) must be preceded by specific job recruitment steps that the employer is required to perform, according to the Code of Federal Regulations. Regulations require that advertisements placed by the employer in newspapers of general circulation or professional journals, as part of the required…


DOL Increases PERM Scrutiny with More Audits and Supervised Recruitment

In the adjudication of permanent labor certification cases, the US Department of Labor (DOL) said that it will increase its scrutiny of PERM applications even further by conducting more integrity checks, meaning more audit investigations and more supervised recruitment. The DOL’s current objective is to conduct integrity checks on 30%…