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With the recent escalation of armed conflicts in countries like Iraq and Syria, many seek to escape the war-torn areas in search of safety and freedom. The freedom of religion and political opinion that is greatly cherished here in America, is the cause of violence and turmoil amongst the Muslim nations…


Analysis of Injunction Against New Deferred Action

On February 16th, a judge in Texas issued a temporary injunction against parts of the President’s immigration executive action plan, including DAPA and the DACA expansion. This means that they cannot take effect until this court or a higher one eventually rules in favor of the Obama administration or puts…


Why Obama’s Immigration Action is Legal

Almost as soon as President Obama unveiled his plan for executive action as a means of helping to fix the broken immigration system, Republican members of congress and state attorneys general began putting together a lawsuit to stop it. They claim that he is overstepping his authority as president and…


BIA Makes Important Decisions Regarding Aggravated Felony Convictions

There are several crimes that qualify as aggravated felony convictions under immigration law. Even if a crime is considered a misdemeanor under state law, it can be seen as an aggravated felony conviction for immigration purposes. A conviction for a crime that qualifies as an aggravated felony will foreclose a…


Court Finds Colorado Child Abuse Conviction Does Not Prohibit Discretionary Relief from Removal

A US court recently held that certain convictions for child abuse involving criminal negligence to not prohibit a person from applying for discretionary relief from removal in the case of Ibarra v. Holder, No. 11-953 (July 12, 2013) by the US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. The facts…


Denial of Discretionary Waiver of Removal Cannot Be Appealed, Says Court

The US Court of Appeals For the 10th Circuit held in a recent decision that an order from the immigration judge denying a discretionary waiver of removal cannot be overturned unless there is a constitutional claim or legal question. Munis v. Holder Case No. 12-9593 (C.A. 10, Jul. 2, 2013).…